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The ‘Make it Right!’ Story

By Stephen Oliver

In the last few years, looking at the world in terms of both history and current events inspired me to want to do something to help change the world for the better. The daunting pursuit of peace throughout history is marked by incredible sacrifices and bursts of creativity. The movement toward peace has also been continually interrupted and fragmented by wars, economic booms and busts, and misunderstandings. Continuous, broadening and deepening conversations resulting in collective awareness and a synthesis of peace world issues is needed. If this growing awareness can be punctuated with large and small victories that are mutually beneficial, we may just be able to change the physiology of the world and make the path to peace smoother.

As an artist, I thought graphics that inspire the needed discussion could be my contribution. I researched the peace sign, its origins and its history, including its place as a logo of the 1960's generation. I came to believe that there were many good ideas and precedents that we have not fully taken to heart. In the waning days of the 1960’s, we had asked for peace to be ‘Given a Chance’. Now 40 years later, we can’t afford to leave peace to chance, we must ‘Make it Right!’ That was when I decided to give the old peace sign a new look to encourage re-thinking and new and continuous discussions, for the persistent pursuit of daily life and the world.

I began screen printing the new symbol on shirts and developing other peace promoting designs that encourage us to smile, think, talk, and work toward peace. Taking the shirts to festivals and other events has opened many conversations about how ‘Making it Right!’ can start with us.

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