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"By Stevens Brook "

Fiber arts by Victoria Mares of Affinity Arts

"My art work in this show is inspired by the environment, especially around my studio at Affinity Arts on Steven’s Brook in Bridgton, Maine. My medium of choice as an artist was watercolor until I was introduced to the materials and processes of felting. I found that I could use the wet felting materials and the process to express textures, colors, light, seasons and moods in the environment, as I had used watercolors. I am fascinated by the fleeting moments we experience in nature, as the sun is setting and we can only catch a glimmer of its colors through a thick wedge of trees or a line of forest along a brook. The aroma, the textures, a spring breeze or winter chill through the warmth of a high noon sun reflecting off a patch of ice around rocks in the stream. Who has passed through this space...a 100 years before"?

Victoria Mares

The Assemblage Sculpture

The work of Stephen Oliver was most recently on exhibit at the

University of NewEngland Art Gallery Invitational. His assemblage sculpture addresses both global and personal themes.

"The invitation to participate in this annual exhibit was an important inspiration in returning to some of my deeper artmaking practices."

Stephen Oliver

Click here for a slide show of his recent art work.

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