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When Stephen Oliver brought Affinity Arts to Maine in 2005, his vision was for it to be a place where artists would be inspired and inspire each other.

As I grew aware of the state of the world, my vision for Affinity Arts evolved into a place where art and design would make a difference in the world.

                                                           Stephen Oliver, 2009

Peace, Fairness and Justice, as

we work to Make It Right every day.

 Assemblage Sculpture

by Stephen Oliver

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"By Stevens Brook"

Fiber arts work by Victoria Mares

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Making a Difference through Design

In 2007 Mr. Oliver was honored to be the designer of the New Found Home of the Museum of African Culture in Portland, Maine. Read more about this project on Affinity Art and Artists

Click here to learn more about the Museum of African Culture

'Make it Right!' Products:

To order 'Make it Right!' t-shirts, hoodies, and tie-dyes click here"

The 'Make it Right!' campaign was launched two years ago when Stephen researched the peace sign, its origins and its history, including its place as a logo of the 1960's generation.

I decided to give the peace sign a new design that would encourage dialogue about peace, begin the conversation again. The peace sign is not a fashion, it is a reminder.... together, in our daily lives in the world, to never stop trying to

"Make it Right!"

Please visit product page or e-mail us at: for more information, or to place an order or special request. Each shirt is printed in our studio at Affinity Arts.

Recent Developments:

Make it Right! Peace T-shirts donated to

May Peace flow like a river as these dedicated and loving individuals, walking on behalf of all humanity, complete their months long journey on foot to New York City on May 2nd. They will end their journey at the foot of the United Nations, joining thousands of peace activists from all over the country and the world. Among the activists will be survivors and descendants of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is time for the world to listen to these voices of forgiveness of the past and hope for the future. The Nuclear event is at the unfortunate outcome of mankind's worst attributes and opposes everything beautiful, sublime and worthy of being cherished in life. The peace sign has come in many ways to represent all that is positive though it was first created to stop the worst of all human tragedy. 'Make it Right!' is about helping to build solidarity for peace by stimulating thought conversation and action with an updated version of the peace sign.

Stephen Oliver, May 1st 2010

The New Peace Sign finds a new home in South Boston

The "Make it Right" peace symbol was adapted to a peace in the community campaign in Boston's Franklin Park. Teens at Franklin Park Youth Center, the Boston Police Department, Boston Public Housing Authority and North American Family Institute celebrated their collaboration to rebuild and bring peace to the community with "Making it Right" t-shirts designed by Stephen Oliver. The youth voted to place the sign on the teen center basketball court.

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